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Ice and Fire

Day 1 Irkutsk cuty.
Arrival to Irkutsk city – capital of the Eastern Siberia. Upon arrival to the airport/train station you will be met by a local guide who will drive you to the hotel at the city center. Her you will have some time for rest first and a bit later guided city excursion around historical center of Irkutsk city. After excursion you will have a lunch in a local cafe, where you could try several dishes of traditional Siberian cuisine.  
After lunch we will visit a local motorbike club, where you will meet your motorbike instructor, who will assist you for a trip to Lake Baikal. He will help you to choose a bike for a trip and will give you a possibility to do a trial ride on a specially prepared for enduro moto-bikes snow and ice trail  of the club –  to check your moto-biking skills and give you a several practical advises about riding bike on a winter spike tires .  Also, instructor will take a look through your personal equipment and clothing and help you get missing essential details.
This evening you will be driven back to the city center, have dinner at the local restaurant. After dinner your guide will drive you to the hotel.
Accommodation in a hotel, included meals: L-D.

Day 2 Irkutsk – Bolshoe Goloustnoe – Sandy Bay
Today morning right after the breakfast at the hotel we will have a departure by jeep to western cost of Lake Baikal, where we will start our moto-biking adventure. Whole drive is about 120 km, first part of the road paved, second part – gravel, probably it takes us about 1.5 hours to get to the Baikal’s shore.
Upon arrival we will download motorbikes from a trailer and get dressed in the motorbike gear. First you will give try to get a short circle ice ride to have a precision for feeling of the clutch, steering, spike tires and brakes.
After you get use to riding motorbike on an ice surface we will start to drive along the coast line up north. Your guide-instructor will take a lead to find a safe and passable way in a labyrinth of ice blocks and plates. Ice conditions are varying every year and sometimes it’s pretty clear and flat everywhere, so you could enjoy the speed runs. Big spikes on tires give a prefect grip, so if you skilled enough to ride on a paved road – you will definitely enjoy driving motorbike on ice of Lake Baikal.
By the midday we will take a stopover in a picturesque bay to cook lunch over campfire. We will cook a dish of local fish cuisine, so you could have a taste of endemic fish Omul, which is great salted or grilled.
By the afternoon we will reach little rocky island, named Cormorant’s stone, famous for its amazing ice structures covering steep island walls. Not far from this place we will see high gorgeous granite cliff “Bell Tower” deeply sticking out of the Baikal’s shore. This place is known for its huge sandy dunes and group of deep grottos and ice caves hidden at the shore rocks. Biggest of the grottos is more than 12 meters long and has a ceiling covered with a long fragile icicles.
Tonight we will set up camp right on the ice of the beautiful small bay between two spectacular granite rocks. Dinner served in front of the evening campfire we finish this day.

Overnight in a special winter camper.

Day 3 Sandy-Bay – Buguldeika – Krestovka
Today morning we will have a breakfast at the camp, hit up motorbike engines and continue our journey. At this part of Lake Baikal shore line has a lot of high rocky cliffs with vertical walls. High mountain slopes are covered with dark evergreen Taiga forest which has a lot of wild life: deer, wolves, lynx and others – so quite often you could see animal foot prints on ice.
One of the most spectacular places we will see today is a cape Dirovatka with a big ice cave hidden at the cliff bottom. Usually cave has a lot of sparkling icicles and ice patterns covering walls of the cave all around.

At many places ice surface has cracks and some of them push big blocks of crystal clear transparent ice forming huge ice agglomerations brightly shining in a sunny days. There is a good chance to take incredible pictures – motorbike riding in the middle of arctic places!
Ice varies its colors in a large scale: from absolutely black to light green and blue, in the thick of the ice there is amazing 3D pattern made of bubbles and cracks.
Tonight we will get accommodation in a guest house of the Krestovaya bay and have an unforgettable experience of Russian steam sauna – Banya and following dinner served with a dishes of domestic Siberian cuisine.

Overnight: Guest house.


Day 4 Krestovka – Sagan-Zaba – Aya - MRS - Irkutsk.

In the morning we will pack our personal gear in the jeep car of the supporting team and continue motorbike trip on ice of Lake Baikal.
Not far from the overnight place we will see beautiful Sagan-Zaba bay framed by majestic high rocky cliffs from both sides. On one of them is famous for ancient rock drawings showing pictures of dancing Shamans, deer and riders shooting a bow. Previously this place was sacred and local shamans were holding here different ceremonies.
After that we will explore several ice-grottos of Hoboy-Hushun cape and
enjoy the ride above the rocky shores. Another stop would be taken on the top of the Shibite Mount which is a best local observation point of this area. On top of this mount you could see old-world stone walls build by the ancient civilization of Kurikan people by the early Iron Age.   
At this place landscape character changes into the opened vast steppes. Shore line remains to be very precipitous and rocky, as before.
At the afternoon we will see impressive cliff Aya and its famous rock shaped as an arch. Huge grottos of Orso cliff are big enough to place there a jeep and several motorbikes – don’t miss your chance to take memorable pictures. In a while we will reach southern extremity of Olkhon Island and Olkhon’s Gate straight. We will drive our motorbikes in the region of Lake Baikal called Small See to visit several islands and Buddhist monument, located on top of one of the islands. From this place you could observe snow-covered mounts of Primirskii Range, valley of Sarma River and Olkhon Island.
From here we will head to the local settlement MRS where we will load our motorbikes on jeep of the supporting team and take a drive back to Irkutsk.
Drive about 300 km, it probable takes us about 3.5 hours to get back to the city. Upon arrival to Irkutsk you will be accommodated at the hotel.

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- rent of the enduro motobike with a spiked tires.
- complete meal 3 times a day.

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- all transfers included into the route plan
- all fees for visiting museums and national park zones on Baikal lake



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