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Rafting down Irkut River

Day 1Valley of Irkut river

In the morning you will have a meeting with your guide and afterwards you will have transfer by car to the region of the southern Baikal, where will be starting point of a rafting tour. First well drive main highway through Taiga forest until we reach south extremity of Baikal Lake. (120 km drive, paved road) Here we will make a stop for lunch in a road café located at the very top of the mount with a nice panoramic view to Baikal Lake.

After lunch we will continue driving (35 km more, paved road) serpentine road descending down to the Lake towards to Kultuk village, located at the foot of the hill. Here we will leave main highway and turn to the road, which bring trough low forest pass to the beginning of picturesque Tunka valley where Irkut river flow from.

Raft team is ready!Car will bring you to the riverside where we will download all our rafting and camping equipment. Here we will build and pump our raft boat, load all essential equipment and start rafting trip down Irkut river.

Every participant of the trip will be equipped with life vest, helmet and paddle. Not far from starting poi of rafting trip Irkut River makes a steep curve and gets into the canyon where the river flow faster and got some rapids. Today well cover a distance about 30 km and set up tent camp in one of the picturesque places on the bank of Irkut River. Dinner will be prepared for you over campfire.

Overnight: Tent camp.


Day 2

After breakfast well pack all our camping gear into the boat aRafting through the rapids of Irkut Rivernd continue rafting down Irkut River. The river has a lot of curves and river forks. On our way well pass numerous rocks, rapids and river forks. Banks of Irkut River covered with dense pristine Taiga forest and for all the length of our route there is no any settlements and other signs of human activity. In this region Irkut river valley curves a lot, time to time we will pass different rapids, some of them with a high water level could looks like numerous big waves with white surfs. Even though some places on a river flow looks quite impressive, rafting on modern raft boats is safe and easy, and so you can enjoy passing every rapid.

In the middle of the day, just after passing big rapids, well make a stop for lunch and rest on the bank of the river. While your guide is cooking lunch, you can manage to go over last rapid stretch once more.

Bank of Irkut RiverAfter lunch we will continue our trip down the river. Today afternoon we will pass through several picturesque rocks standing next to the river. On your demand we could make a special stop and have a trekking excursion to the top of one of them. From summit of those rocks you will have a chance to take several memorable photos of the Irkut river valley.

At the evening of this day we will reach campsite with magnificent view to the high rocks on the opposite side of the river. Tonight you will have dinner next to the relaxing warmth of evening campfire.

Overnight: Tent camp.


Day 3Wooden house in the center of Irkutsk city

Today morning we should cover the rest of the distance on the river to the small village Shamanka, where we suppose to finish our rafting trip on Irkut River. On the last stretch Irkut river flows quietly, so participants may need to paddle. Upon arrival to this village we will disconnect rafts and pack them into the car, which bring us back to Irkutsk city. On the way back we will make lunch stop in a road café.

We will arrive to the Irkutsk city this afternoon, upon arrival you will be accommodated in a hostel.

This evening you will have walking excursion around historical center of Irkutsk city which will includes visiting place of Irkutsk foundation, several churches and central city market.

Overnight: Hostel  


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Note: Ask  manager  about ongoing tours and get your group discount!

Tour price includes:
- guide service
- complete meal 3 times a day
- rent of camping and rafting equipment
- all transfers according to a program
- all fees for visiting museums and National park zones
- one overnight in Irkutsk city on a last day of the program (hostel)
- pick up service from/to railroad station/airport

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Map of the trip

Rafting tour on Irkut river