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Classic Baikal Trek

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Day 1Classic Baikal trail

After your arrival to Irkutsk airport (railway station) you will have a meeting with your guide and short excursion around historical center of the city by minivan. Later you will have lunch at the city café and we will depart to Goloustnoe village, which is situated on a western shore of Baikal lake. It is a 120 km drive, first half of the road is paved, second half – gravel. At the beginning the route runs through Taiga forest and reaches the Goloustnaja river valley, which will lead us to Baikal Lake. Probably it will take us a bit more than one hour to get to Goloustnoe settlement.  This village will be a starting point for the trekking trip.
After arrival we will prepare our back packs and start hike trip southwards along a shore of Baikal Lake. We will follow trail on a slope, which goes from time to time down to the shore line of the lake. This day we will see richly decorated log cabins of local ranger station – good example of Russian woodcraft art.  After this place we will cover a distance about 12 km through Taiga forest along the shore line of Baikal Lake and get down to the stone beach by wooden step-ladder. Then we will hike a bit more next to the water line of the lake until we reach our campsite for tonight. Today we will set up tent camp at the picturesque spot on the shore next to Small Kadilnaja valley. This place is famous for its caves which we will explore this evening. There are two of them in this valley and the bigger one looks like big conic shaped hall with light window on the top. It will take us about one hour to make an excursion to the caves. After that we will come back to our tent camp and enjoy the dinner cooked over campfire and relax watching sunset at Baikal Lake. 
Overnight: Tent camp. Total trek distance is 17 km
Day 2Panoramic view from grotte at rock Screeper cape

Just after breakfast we will pack our camping equipment and continue trek trip. Trail goes mostly by the shore of Lake, so you can have nice view to the opened spaces of Baikal and good opportunity to take memorable pictures. Not far from Kadilniy cape you will see one of the most impressive sights of this part of Baikal Lake. This is a Rock which has a name Devil’s bridge. The reason for that is that locals more than 100 years ago have build hand-made trail on a steep slope of this rocky cliff, avoiding long way around it. This impressive trail goes on altitude of 15-20 m over the lake level and makes way through this cliff much shorter. After passing this cape we will make lunch stop at one of the picturesque bays. Not so far from this place the trail gets close to beautiful high rocky cliff, which has personal name –Davil's bridge cliff Screeper. This place is interesting by its unique geological structure and grotto with spectacular view to Baikal Lake from it. Previously archeologists have found in this cave some staff from ancient people of Stone Age. On this day we pass through old Russian village Bolshie Koty, which was founded here at Siberian Gold Rush time. Up to now you can find lots of signs of old gold-mining here, like square holes in a ground and dam constructions on a local river Kotinka. This day we will finish trekking at the cozy bay with sandy beach where we’ll build up a tent camp with a great panoramic view to the Baikal Lake.
Overnight: Tent camp. Total trek distance for today is about 22 km.      
Day 3

Today we will continue hiking southwards and cover a rest of the distance to Flowers of BaikalListvjanka settlement, which is situated at the headwaters of Angara river. Route mostly goes through Taiga forest next to the shore line of Baikal Lake. Trail is very narrow and curved and for this feature got a special local name – Doggy Trail. In fact, this part of today’s trek is the most spectacular and memorable. Finally the trail leaves shore line of Baikal and climbs to the top of mount which is a nice observation point. From here we will hike down on forest road to Listvjanka village.
When we get to Listvyanka we’ll visit the central square where locals sell different souvenirs and local delicacy - Baikal fish Omul, which is being smoked right here!
There we will load our backpacks in minivan and start driving to Irkutsk. On the way there we’ll make a special stop at the headwaters of Angara river. This place famous like a biggest river source in the world and Angara is only river which leaves Baikal Lake among 336 other rivers bringing there waters to the Great Siberian Lake.
Transfer by minivan back to Irkutsk city, 75 km drive over paved road, it takes about 1 hour to get to the city.

Click here to see more photos taken along the route of Classic Baikal Trek

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