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Wintry Fairy Tale

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Day 1Snowy River, Hamar-Daban
In the morning you’ll have transfer by car from Irkutsk to the south of Baikal Lake to Vydrino village – a small Russian settlement on the shore of Baikal. (260 km drive). The road is paved and it takes about 3 hours to get there. On the way you will pass southern corner of Baikal Lake – Kultuk village were you’ll make a lunch stop in a road café which has great panoramic view to Baikal Lake. Here you may try dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. After the lunch we will continue driving along shore line of Baikal Lake to Vydrino village. From this place we’ll drive to the tourist base which is located in a 10 km away from main road in the Taiga forest. This will be our starting point for the skiing trip. Our guide will show you how to put on and fix your wide wooden skies. From ancient times hunters in Siberia used wide such wooden skies to walk through deep snow in Taiga forest. Their skies used to be wide and short which helped them to go easily between the trees and not to sink in the deep snow. Hunter's log cabine
The route today will go along the Snowy River which runs in one of the valleys of Hamar-Daban Mountains. Sometimes you’ll go in the forest and sometimes over the frozen river which has a nice view to one of the highest mounts of this area - Taltsinskiy Peak.
Usually there is not much snow on the river because the wind blows it away and sometimes you have to walk right over the clear ice! When we get to the confluence place of river Snowy and Selenginka we will go deep in the taiga forest until we reach the log hunter’s cabin where we’ll spend this night.
This house was built out of cedar tree by local hunters who hunt mostly for local fur-bearing animal – Sable. Enjoy the dinner prepared for you there and listening to the stories of your guide about trapping the Sable.

Total distance: 17 km. Overnight: winter house.



Day 2The only possibility to travel in this deep snow - use wide skies
After breakfast we’ll continue walking in the taiga forest passing small Creek first and then along Selenginka river. Usually there is no path as it snows quite often there so we’ll have to make it ourselves between the trees. As there is almost no wind in the forest the trees stay covered with snow all the time and with each snowfall there is more and more snow collected on their branches.
 Today you’ll see one of the most spectacular local sights – Sable Lakes. These two lakes are surrounded with high mountains from both sides and are populated with Sable. This animal is a member of a weasel family and has very durable fur valuable on the market. Local hunters use special traps to catch it. Sable cannot be raised in captivity and lives only in the forests. That’s way this fur is quite expensive and locals still trapping for it.
In summer time this place is quite popular between local fishermen because it is very rich for a fish.
We will go skiing right in the middle line of those two lakes; whole way across both lakes is about 3.5 km. After passing second lake we will make a stop for rest and lunch.ll
Food will be prepared for you in the forest over the camp fire. Not far from the Sable Lakes there is another wooden winter house called “the house of old man Beard”.  In 60-70-s there constantly lived and old man with the Beard who built this house.
This night we will spend in this log cabin and prepare dinner there.

Total distance: 15 km. Overnight: winter house.



Day 3Winter house of Old Man Beard on a red creek
In the morning we’ll leave our backpacks at the winter house and after breakfast will have a walk on skies along near-by creek. The route runs through the forest and crosses the creek. Sometimes you may find traps for catching sable hidden in the trees left by hunters.
On the top of this creek there is deep rocky canyon with icefall in it called Fairy tale. In summer time the water runs and splashes on the opposite wall making a rainbow appear and therefore people call it Fairytale.
In winter time the waterfall is frozen and canyon is covered with snow. From that place you may take nice pictures of the snowy mountains on the opposite side of the Selenginka valley. We’ll return back to the winter house and will have lunch there. Then we’ll take our back packs and start skiing down to the Sable Lakes and hunter’s log cabin at the confluence of rivers.
Total distance: 18 km. Overnight: winter house


Day 4Ski trail aross Sable Lakes
Today we’ll go skiing back to the Snowy River and Tourist camp “Warm Lakes”. On the way back you can enjoy easy skiing down on the already prepared ski trail. Sometimes after strong wind at the river side you may find only the snow path made by your skies left on the flat clear ice of the river. By the lunch time we will arrive to the camping base where you will be accommodated ant the cozy log cabins. Today we will have a lunch at the dinner room of guest house.
Tonight you’ll experience Russian steam sauna – Banya! This is how Siberians used to wash and warm up themselves during cold winter. Enjoy the warmth and relaxing atmosphere of Banya after this skiing trip! Dinner will be served for you at the guest house.

Total distance: 17  km. Overnight: Guest house.



Day 5Comofortable guest house
In the morning we’ll load our bags and skies into the car and start drive back to Irkutsk. On the way we will visit private museum of minerals at the Sludjanka city which holds on of the richest collections of minerals in whole Russia. Today we will make a lunch stop at the road café of Kultuk village located at the southern extremity of Baikal Lake. It will take us about 1.5 hours of drive to get from Kutluk to Irkutsk.
Arrival to Irkutsk late afternoon. Upon arrival transfer to Railroad Station/Airport or accommodation in the city on your demand.




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