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Following Shaman's path

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Day 1  Panoramic view to Baikal Lake from Shibite mount
After meeting with your guide at the railroad station you'll have a car excursion to the historical center of Irkutsk. You'll visit the place where Irkutsk was founded at the confluence of two Siberian rivers: Irkut and Angara. The place is framed by three churches, two of which are Russian Orthrodox with golden domes and outer wall paintings and the third one is Roman Catholic. Transfer to Petrovo village, which is situated near the western shore of Baikal lake.(250 km to go on paved road). There you'll have lunch with a dishes of traditional Russian cousine in a local cafe. After that we will continue driving to the shore line of Baikal over a forest road. We will leave our car in bush and walk down (less than 2 km) to picturesque bay - Sagan Zaba.( From the language of local aborigens it means White Rock and it was a sacred place for the ceremonies of local shamans).  This place is famous for it's unique ancient rock-drawings, best in the whole Baikal region and majestic white marble cliffs which gather around this bay.
In the evening we'll set up tent camp near the shore of the lake. We'll celebrate your first meeting with Baikal by having a festive dinner prepared over the campfire.

Overnight: Tent camp.


Day 2  White marble seals of Sagan-Zaba bay
One day trek tour around area with a light day backpacks. You'll be amazed by fascinating panoramic views to Baikal lake from tops of neighboring rocky cliffs. This day we'll also explore the cave. Hundreds of years in a raw in front of this cave local shamans were sacrificing different kinds of animals to the gods. Nowadays you can still find lots of old bones around this place. Some of them are so old that if you pick them, they turn into powder in your hands.
If the weather is fine and the water is calm we will spend this afternoon discovering Baikal shores by inflatable rubber boat. During this boat excursion you will see high white marble rocks dropping its walls straight to the blue waters of Baikal Lake and several grottos at the bottom of the Sagan-Zaba cliff. After coming back to the tent camp you'll enjoy dinner near the campfire.


Overnight: Tent camp.


Day 3Rocky Arch, view from campsite
After breakfast at the camp we'll pack tents and backpacks and trek up Sagan-Zaba valley back to the car. Car excursion on forest roads upnorth. Trek trip to the top of sacred Shibute mount. Here you'll have a look on ancient stone hand-made walls, and will be impressed by wonderful views to Baikal lake and it's shoreline for many kilometers both sides!
Lunch at the cafe. Driving to the Tageran steppe. At this place landscape of the Western shore changes and forest hills transform into the Mongolian-looking steppes. You'll enjoy the drive through the wild vast steppe areas towards the blue waters of Baikal lake.
The car will bring you to the very top of gorgeous rocky cliff where we'll spend this night. In the evening we'll have a walk to see one of the small wonders of Baikal nature - a rock shaped like an arch.
Set up tent camp on the top of rocky cliff, trek trip around area.
Dinner over campfire.

Overnight: Tent camp.

Day 4One of the biggest halls of the Aja cave
Just after breakfast we'll take some time to explore a cave, unnoticeable entrance of which is located next to the campground. There are several easy accessible big halls and number of passages in there, one of those leads to the alternative exit on the wall of the cliff.
Afterwards we'll pack our gear into the car and continue driving excursion to the valley of Stone Spirits. This place is famous for different funny shaped rocks which are collected together in one valley. According to the local legend once the main god spirit stopped a war between two strong shamans by turning all their warriors  into the stones right at the battle field. Shamans themselves were turned into two big mountains which nowadays rise above the Tageran steppe. The name of one of the mount is Tanhan and we'll have a trek excursion to the top of it. From the summit you can observe the Olkhon's gate Strait and Primorkiy mountain range. Here we wil finish our Baikal journey and head back to the car.
Transfer by car to Irkutsk (265 km, which will take us about 3-3,5 hours with lunch stop at the cafe).

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 Following Shaman's path